Feng Shui was created by the Chinese over thousand years ago. It’s a philosophical school that let you focus on your inner peace and harmony. Today, Feng Shui is a big topic even in the western societies.


The Chinese believed that we are affected by everything surrounding us, both in nature as well as inside our own homes. They also believed that we could decide how we want these elements to affect us and that if we live by the guidelines of Feng Shui, we can live in harmony and have a happy life.


The role of Feng Shui

Feng Shui appears different in different parts of the world. In China and Taiwan, a lot of people try to implement it in everything they do, whilst people in the Nordic countries mostly refers to Feng Shui as a way to decorate their homes.


Feng Shui helps you find the things in life that don’t feel good and gives you the tools to adjust them. It’s about creating a positive energy flow.


When it comes to home decorating, the elements of Feng Shui can be shaped as plants, lighting and mirrors. Even the placement of things in your home should be taken under consideration in order to help you get the best energy flow as possible.


Live Your Life in Harmony with Others

When living by the Feng Shui guidelines, you should always listen to your soul and your energy flow. If something in your life doesn’t give you a positive vibe, it might be good to let go of it, even if it sometimes means breaking up with friends or saying no to things you actually want to do, but you don’t have the time or the energy for doing it.


This way of thinking about the world and the individual’s well-being has reached the minds of people world wide. In Sweden there’s a saying that if one doesn’t give you energy, then he/she is usually stealing it from you. And in that case, it might be good to take a step back and evaluate the relationship you have with this particular person.



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