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Have you ever heard of the term “foodie”? If not, it refers to a person that has a strong interest in food and thinks of it as a hobby. A foodie is somebody that usually puts a lot of time and energy into cooking, selecting restaurants, buying ecological ingredients and normally takes a lot of photos of food in different contexts. The photos are often taken before eating a meal, for the purpose of recommending a restaurant or while cooking. If a person’s both a foodie and an influencer, there’s no doubt you’ll see pictures showcasing their interest everywhere in their social media channels.


Food + Fame = True

A trend within the food industry, or better call it the foodie industry, is brunching. Some trends come, some go, and some are definitely here to stay. One of them is certainly brunching. Today, brunching has become more of a cultural phenomenon that sometimes can enhance people’s social status, due to the restaurant’s expensive and exclusive sortiments. Although, brunching can might as well happen just between family members at one’s own home. However, there’s no doubt brunching is something that many people enjoy and that we’re going to see a lot more of brunch events and gatherings around brunch time (which occurs somewhere between breakfast and lunch) in the future.


Another trend that one might just stumble upon, without recognizing it as an actual trend, is different conceptual cooking manuals. Cooking manuals are something we take for granted, but today we see all kinds of different cooking manuals and books on the store shelves. There are those only consisting of vegan recipes, there are those written by celebs and there are those focusing on a particular cooking method.


Celebs collaborating or building their brands is not a new phenomenon, but what’s interesting is that some of them are promoting themselves in fields that originally weren’t their own. For example, if a person was recognized for his or her talent in sports, he/she can now be seen writing cooking manuals and books about how to best glaze your steak. This is not a new phenomenon, but it’s a clever strategy. Since everything is becoming more and more conceptual due to the experience economy, consumers simply don’t want to buy just products anymore, but rather consume a whole lifestyle. And companies need to listen to those demands, which explains why some people sometimes are building their brands and promoting themselves outside their own field, and perhaps even more so, outside their own comfort zone.



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