Did you know that spending money on travelling makes you a happier person? So throw that bad conscience away and let your wallet decide on your next destiny.

You don’t need to spend a lot, that’s not the point at the all. However, studies have shown that if you do prioritize to spend money on doing things instead of buying things, you’ll become a happier person. The satisfaction of doing something last longer than the satisfaction you get from owning something. The chance of you getting home and being thankful for your furniture is rather small compared to the chance of you getting home being thankful for a vacation.

Being thankful makes you a better person. You’ll become somebody that give good energy .to the people around you and you’re being good to yourself. It takes a lot of more energy being angry than being happy, that’s a fact. Thankfulness actually leads to an improved immune system, it makes you sleep well and you’ll get an optimistic view on life.

Live life to the fullest, and make sure your friend does too

Experiences can also be turned into wonderful gifts. Think about it for a second, what would make you happier? An item that holds a lot of symbolic and economic value, or an experience together with a friend that creates memories for a lifetime?

Don’t you feel bad for prioritizing to spend money on travelling or experiencing something new. In the end, it’s not the days we lived that count, but the days we remember.




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