Some people find it funny to always be on the lookout for the latest, craziest trends. But did you know that some trends might be dangerous? You might think that staying ahead of the mainstream or even just go with the flow, is exactly what you’re supposed to do when you’re a trend setter or an adapter of the latest trends. The feeling of always be the one that knows everything about all the new do’s and don’ts, about the new features on your smartphone or how to dress according to the forecasters, is empowering. To notice how other people take your advice, or even how they ask for it is a sweeping feeling that’s hard to let go off. The question is though, how far are you willing to go, in order to stay on the top?

Poison might be running through your veins

If you’re active on social media, you’ve might noticed the latest trend in baking. It looks fantastic, but it’s actually quite dangerous. It’s the phenomenon of people decorating their food and desserts with flowers. It sure looks harmful, but botanics have argued that some flowers are poisonous and one should be really cautious when it comes to decorate the food with flowers. You may believe that it’s fine to just put the flower there for garnishment, because you know that you’re not going to eat it. However, botanics state that even if you don’t attend to eat the flower, it can still be venomous. Even if you just put the flower on top of your meal, it can actually excrete its liquids on your food, which means that you cannot know for sure that you are going to avoid being sick by adding flower garnishment to your food.

Are there any other options to make insta-friendly pictures?

Of course there are flowers that aren’t poisonous, but for the eyes of the average, who’s to say what flowers are safe and what flowers are bad for you? Why take the risk? There are lots of alternative ways to decorate your food with flowers. Does is need to be real ones? Why not buy some plastics, which is actually more sustainable due to its capability of reuse? Or if you’re an artistic master in the kitchen, why not make your own flowers of ingredients such as marzipan or different fruits? There are still ways to take good pictures of your food and keep your health at the same time.



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