A car can be seen as more than just a private possession or a necessary vehicle that takes you wherever you need to go. It’s almost like a new family member. A car needs a lot of caretaking, cleaning and love. Some people don’t satisfy with one car. They use a car for everyday errands and another one for cruising, or perhaps even racing.

Some car owners would love it if they could be around their car the whole day, just like some pet owners love it when they can be around their pets the whole day. Some cars are better for racing, while others are better suited for driving passengers. But what if you could have both? Being a cruiser or a chauffeur during the day and a race king during the night?

Before you get on the track

If you want to compete in racing there are a few things you should bare in mind. First and foremost, you’ll need to be in total control over your vehicle, as well as the other contestant’s. You must know when to brake and when to overtake. A racer needs to be fierce and possess a lot of courage, there are no time for second thoughts or doubting the game while you’re on the track. Just trust your guts, visualize the goal and let the car take you to the finish line.

For Ferrari Lovers

If you’re thinking about buying or racing with a Ferrari, be sure to read the latest issue of Enzo Magazine to keep up with the latest do’s and don’ts on the racing track!




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