Trends come, trends go. Sometimes we wonder how some trends can come around, or even how they came into play the first time. However, a fashion trend is often more like a fad, something that doesn’t stay too long but we still get hooked on it.

So what about these fads that we once loved but now wish to never see again? Let’s hope you don’t get too disappointed… You see, even these fads usually find their way back to us, in one way or another. They do not always appear the same way like they did before, but rather get interpreted and re-interpreted so that the whole combination might look different to you,but we still recognize the small details from a long gone fad, that has came into life and is ready to play once more.

How Often Does a Fad Come Around?

Fashion studies have shown that a trend or a fad is not likely to come back after ten years, because then it’s too early for us to adapt it. However, twenty years after a fad’s first appearance have made us open to it again and curious about implementing it on our personal style.

The 80’s and the 90’s fashion might seem unbearable to many of you still, but has actually been around us for quite a while now. What yet seems provoking and unthinkable right now is once again adapting the trends and the fads from the 2000’s. Do you remember tracksuits, trucker caps, silky dresses and looow waistlines? These fads will be awake in a near future.

Unexpected Style Icons

Did you know that one style icon to be inspired by this fall is Ali G, aka Sasha Baron Cohen’s character from the movie with the same title? And did you know that Paris Hilton, the it girl most associated with the 2000’s has created a new clothing collection and will be launching it together with And that Juicy Couture was showing their new collection at New York Fashion Week A/W 2018?

So dust off your low waist jeans and get ready for what you now might consider a nightmare, but that perhaps soon will turn into a beautiful dream come true.

You can’t really outrun the trends and fads circulating around us. You’ll just need to choose whether to adapt them or not. But is it really that easy to decide? Only time will tell





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