Finally home. Off with the uncomfortable skinny jeans, on with the sweatpants…

Are you the kind of person who always want to feel comfortable as soon as you’ve stepped through the door to your own house? You’re not alone. Many of us dress up only when we’re around other people and don’t feel the need to do it when we’re by ourselves. Although, some of us are still walking around in our itchy outfits at home because we love how the clothes make us feel.

Do You Know Who You Are?

It’s actually first and foremost a matter of identification. Do you identify yourself as a person who feel the need to look good in front of others, even though you think it’s quite a procedure to get ready in the morning? Or do you think of yourself as a person who likes to experiment with clothes, no matter what other people think about your personal style?

If you only dress up because you subconsciously feel the need to satisfy others with your looks, then it’s no wonder you want to take it all off once you get home. Although, if you feel more like you’re dressing up for yourself it’s quite logical if you want to keep your outfit on at home as well.

Our Wardrobe’s Symbolic Value

We give our clothes different meaning, depending on what we connotate them with. For some people, putting on sweatpants as soon as you’ve stepped into the front door will connotate to a lazy mood and if you still need to do something important like paying rent or work from home, it might feel better to keep your not so cosy suit on.

Underneath Your Clothes, There’s an Endless Story

Some of us don’t reflect this much when it comes to clothing, but lingerie on the other hand, is a whole new spectrum. Even though you’re wearing a plain outfit, knowing that you underneath are looking like you’re ready to shoot for a bra commercial, can actually lighten up your mood the whole day. So, as the cliché goes, don’t underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day. And don’t you ever underestimate the power of sexy lingerie under a dull uniform. Oh, and if you’re feeling like taking it all off once you’ve reached your home, just do it. If you want to keep it on to preserve the ego boost a nice looking outfit can give you, nothing is stopping you.

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