Haven’t decided on where to travel next? Do you want to live in the middle of nowhere or do you feel for a big city pulse? No need to choose, in Dubai you can have both.

Dubai has become one of the world’s most visited cities. With Burj Khalifa and all its luxurious surroundings it’s not hard to understand why. The question is though, how much do you really know about Dubai?

Don’t Go with The Flow

The city is famous for its luxury, but don’t fall into the classic tourist trap. Steer away from all the tourist guides and discover Dubai’s local treats. Visit the street markets and ask the people around you about their favourite restaurants.

If you want to go outside the city, you can easily take a ride out to the dessert and try riding a camel or go racing in the sand. Or if you just want some peace and quiet, you can always relax at one of the spa resorts by the oases.

From Party to Business

Dubai has something for everybody. There are trendy rooftop bars for the friends or the young couple, astonishing views from conference rooms for the businessman and they have plenty of shopping, waterslides and adventures for the family.

Want to read more about Dubai? Check out Escape Magazine and let your dreams take flight.

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