Jagger Respects The Game

I can’t get no satisfaction…if I don’t get to watch the whole world cup, might have been the words on Mick Jagger’s lips when he decided not to have his tour dates on the same days as the fifa world cup matches.

Many Rolling Stones fans and football lovers are thanking him today. The world cup series have so far been unbelievable exciting and now, only a few team remains. First up is England vs. Croatia in the semi-final in Moscow on Wednesday, July 12th. Who do you think will be taking home the trophy this year?

Bradley Lowery – A Hero Out of The Ordinary

One year earlier, on the same day as England won over Sweden, Bradley Lowery passed away. Bradley was the little 6-year old kid who took the world of football by storm. His best friend became the Sutherland player Jermain Defoe and he was invited to lead England out on the field in the World Cup 2017. Bradley got infected by a rare form of cancer when he was a baby, and it came back in 2016. Bradley was a real football enthusiast and his biggest idol was Jermain Defoe, who later became his best friend. He will always be remembered by the Football players and he made a mark in the history of football for eternity. Bradley’s mother was happy that England was playing at the anniversary of his death and the English team said that Bradley was in their thoughts when they were facing Sweden in the quarter finals.

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