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“Design for me, is the most grateful way to mix life and art”.

Designer Ronald Scliar Sasson doesn’t believe that his profession is something that he has chosen, but rather a talent which he was born with. Sasson and his team at Estudio Ronald Sasson in Brazil, has over the past years been making remarkable yet timeless design pieces for every interior environment. He’s known to be a self-taught artist of plastic and furniture.

Inspirational Mindset

When Sasson was living abroad in Europe and the Middle East, he got influenced by Nordic simplicity and Mediterranean color combinations. Sasson’s design is all about functionality, although the aesthetics are astonishing as well. He wants his pieces to communicate and evoke positive emotions of the eyes of the beholder and for those who use his furniture.

He is continuously searching for new materials and techniques for his limited edition pieces and his different industrial design projects.

Keeping the Tradition Alive

In an interview with ViTRINE, Sasson explains that his talent of being able to show the woodwork in his pieces and still creating linear aesthetic pieces, lies in the tradition of Brazilian woodcraft. Sasson has received quite a few awards for his pieces and has been showing his design in more than 15 exhibitions in Brazil.

When Sasson isn’t designing he loves sailing across the sea, play guitar and read a book or two.

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