Did you know that caring about your home and decorating it with plants automatically makes you a nice person? At least according to the latest studies where scientists have proven that people who take care of their plants tend to take better care of their relations with other people.

The internet of Green Things

Today, more than ever, people run to the stores to buy plants for their home. The most desired plants are Monstera, Fig Tree and other ones that have beautifully shaped leaves or fruits. Elle Magazine Sweden explains that plant accounts are taking over both Facebook and Instagram. So good for you, if you’re one of the owners of such an account, because that means that you’re making the right priorities in life, caring that much about plants in your surroundings. @plantingpink, owned by Morgan Doane on instagram, has over 80 k followers and the numbers are growing for each day. Facebook groups are made for users who only want to discuss plants and cutting events are being hold all over the world.

Influencer Plants

Jamie Song, the owner of the account @jamies_jungle believes that on the plant accounts, the plants are the stars, not the people. And all of his followers seem very kind and are writing a lot of nice comments on his pictures. There are no hate or jealousy flourishing around on these accounts, only love and caring for one another.

No Bullies Allowed

Anders Røyneberg owns the account @arcticgardener and works as a psychiatric nurse. He thinks the reason to why plant people are so nice to each other is that none of the plant people are bullies. At least, it is a very rare phenomenon within the plant communities. Røyneberg also explains that planting and taking care of plants are good for our health and wellbeing:

“When you plant things, and make things grow, you are honoring life.”

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