Feeling for a glass of rose wine when the sun is burning on your skin? Or do you want to serve your guests a different dessert? Why not freeze the rose wine and make it froze(n) wine?

Make the happy hour even happier by creating fun and exciting drinks for your guests! Your drinks don’t have to be extravagant, it’s mostly all about fusing the right ingredients together.

GT on it

Right now, we’re having a big crush on gin of all kinds. If you’re as passionate about gin and tonic as we are, try adding some extra flavours to the classic drink. With elderflower and strawberries, you’re gin and tonic gets a more Summerish touch.

Italian Traditions made Modern

Have you ever tried Granita? It’s a frozen fruit dessert that usually consists of water and fresh fruit, that are frozen until icy, mashed by a fork into flakes, and then frozen again. It’s like sorbet, but it’s made by hand.

The only ingredients you’ll need to make a great granita are frozen fruit (fruit cubes), flavourful liquid (usually lemon or lime), granulated sugar and a pinch of salt or spice. if you want to add alcohol to your Granita you can switch the lemon/lime into liquor or wine. If you want to make it extra special, add some scoops of ice cream next to your granita and enjoy a fresh and (almost) home maid dessert!

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