#Metoo needed to happen. The world needed to know what’s really going on out there. How women are being treated on workplaces, in school, by their friends a.s.o.  #Metoo is not about making women into victims, it’s about making voices heard. This is 2018, how can the world still look like this?


Not Only Praises and Happy Faces

Many reactions followed the #Metoo-movement when it first made its appearance on social media. It got praised by a lot and many hidden actions reached the surface when victims dared to speak about what they had been through and about the persons behind these actions. Harvey Weinstein is only one of the famous men whose actions became visible for the world to see, thanks to the #metoo movement.


Yet, some claim that the #metoo-movement brought about false accusations and made up stories, making women look like victims and men like the evil sex. There’s always the exception to the rule. However, to believe that #metoo is mostly causing men to feel bad and that women takes advantage of the phenomenon is not the right thing to do.


Of course, everyone has the right to express their opinions, but to include yourself in the #metoo movement doesn’t mean that you need to have gone through the worst crime, the smallest harassments suffice. There aren’t many women today who can say that they never have been harassed. And it’s down to you to decide what counts as harassment. Who’s to say that catcalling or making sex jokes in front of your employees don’t count as sexual harassment? Are you feeling nauseous or do you get uncomfortable by these kind of things? If you’re telling the person who express them no, and they still continue with them, you can be sure that it counts as harassments.


It’s Not about Making Men Look Bad

#Metoo is not only something that touches the relation between women and men. Women can also harass. But let’s look at the statistics, women often get more oppressed by men than vice versa.


Let’s continue making a statement with #metoo and let the world know that we won’t give up until everyone is treated as equals.


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