Ideals of beauty

The ideals of beauty are different in different places of the world. In western countries people think it’s beautiful to be tanned, whilst in other countries people think it’s beautiful to be pale. Some of these ideals derive from different culture’s histories but there’s also another explanation to it. We always want that which we cannot have. If we have straight hair, we usually want it curly. If we have flat chests, we want more curves a.s.o. Ideals are always without reachable distance, otherwise we wouldn’t want them so much. A tan in western countries, was seen a symbol for being able to travel or being free from work, whilst in some eastern countries such as China, the tan stood as a symbol for field work and to not being able to go inside and avoid the sun.


The Greatest Beauty of Them All

The greatest beauty however, lies within us and you can really tell if people are feeling satisfied with themselves by their looks. If you’re staying true to yourself and keep your health in track, your charisma shows that you’re confident with who you are. Your psychological health is just as important as your physical health. Mental training helps our physical well-being at bay. Start with some daily reminders to tell yourself how lucky and thankful you are over your healthy body and how amazing it is that none of us share the same looks or minds on this planet. Be proud over your unique ability to influence yourself and others by setting an example and share your love with those around you.


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