Practicality before Banality

When we were young, people always told us to dress according to the weather. That phrase basically meant that we were to dress in a functional and practical way, not so much with a sense of style if that got us to freeze or sweat.


Functionality vs. Personality

The fashion for rainy days have been interpreted a little bit like that aforementioned phrase. First and foremost, the clothes were to be functional, it didn’t matter so much if you looked good in them or not. Thankfully, that isn’t the case anymore. The raincoat fashion is experimenting each day, and today more of us dare to step out of our comfort zones and wear something out of the ordinary.


Let Your Spirit Shine Through

Just because you’re wearing something different then you’re used to, doesn’t mean that you need to be going all in for leopard prints or crazy colors, you still need to feel comfortable in what you wear. Maybe add some flowers or polka dots to your raincoat?


Let’s brighten up the rainy days with some not so rainy fashion!

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