The “Lagom” Phenomenon

Healthy food doesn’t equal boring food. Healthy eating has been trending a lot over the past years, but there are still those who resist it. Nothing is ever good if it is too extreme, it doesn’t matter if something’s extremely unhealthy or extremely healthy. In Sweden, there’s a saying that suggests that everything should be just “lagom”. It can almost translate to “never too much, never too little, never too big, never too small “. When something is lagom, it basically means that it is perfect.


However, when it comes to the aesthetics of food, not even the Swedes have to follow the lagom principles. Although, just like with any other fashion, there are some style principles to take into consideration when preparing your food’s visual appearance. If you want it to have a minimalistic touch, then you probably shouldn’t over-do the garnishing, but if you want your meal to stand out, then feel free to add all kinds of colors and decorate it with whatever you want. Why not fool your guests with a healthy meal in disguise?


A Culinary Masquerade

Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of the “Doctor Oz Show”, Professor of Surgery and founder of Dr. OZ The Good Life Magazine, has come up with a funny idea to make healthy food look a little more exciting to eat. In the latest issue, the magazine shows us how to create carrot dogs and make them look just like ordinary hotdogs.


Another healthy food that could be disguised is zucchini pasta. It may look like normal pasta, but it doesn’t contain any carbs. Actually, you can replace all unhealthy food with healthier alternatives, and it will still look amazing and taste fantastic.


If you want to eat more healthy, but don’t want to change the visual appearance of your food, try the carrot dogs recipe on today:



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