Personal Style

Personal style is all about feeling comfortable with yourself. And the definition of comfort is different to all of us. You might feel comfortable in loose t-shirts and baggy jeans, while somebody else feels comfy in a tight dress. The definition of comfort lies not in the materials, but in the way we perceive things. For example, it’s one thing to feel that a material is comfortable against your skin, and another to feel that a material is itchy, yet you’re still comfortable wearing it.


Not All about Visual Appearances

Hence, personal style is not all about looking good. It’s actually more about feeling good and feeling comfortable. We all dress the way we do, because we want (subconsciously or consciously) to send an image to people around us, that tells them about ourselves without having to say a word.


Different Perceptions

Of course, people interpret things differently and what might look like you’re sending out a certain signal to you, may get interpreted as a different signal by somebody else. It’s actually quite fun when you think about it. Try analyzing your style persona and categorize yourself into a style stereotype, then discuss it with your friends. Is it possible that they have put you in another category? And does it really matter? As long as you feel comfortable with who you are and how you dress, people will perceive a sense of confidence and your charisma will shine all the way through.


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