temperatures outside that vary from day to day , it’s actually not summer anymore. Nor is it fall. It’s pre-fall, at least according to the fashion world.

You might think that it’s either fall or summer right now, but it’s hard to decide because of the extreme temperatures outside that vary from day to day. However, it’s actually not summer anymore. Nor is it fall. It’s pre-fall, at least according to the fashion world.


The fashion world has come up with seasons in between the seasons. Isn’t that smart? Well, actually we don’t have the need for anymore seasons. The market however, needs to get their consumers to think that they need it. Hence, these in between fashion seasons.


“Resort, Cruise, Pre-Spring, “Holiday,” whatever you wanna call it: they’re monikers for the same thing. It’s just interchangeable fashion jargon to describe the same pre-collection that comes after Fall/Winter clothes have gone on sale but before Spring/Summer clothes have been delivered to stores.


Pre-Fall, like the resort collections that come before it, is becoming a firm fixture on the fashion calendar. Though some brands do put on shows, they’re not scaled-up extravaganzas like the big fashion houses like Gucci or Chanel put on for Resort. In fact, the presentations are smaller in scale and way more mainstream than any other seasonal collections, because Pre-Fall is entirely motivated by a commercial opportunity. It’s not limited to storied fashion houses, OFF-WHITE and 1017 ALYX 9SM have joined the Pre-Fall game too. Basically, Pre-Fall is a chance to make some extra scratch in a globalized world where spring barely exists, and the Fall/Winter collections are still being produced. The demand is there because the season changeover can be loss-making for fashion brands, with spring items having gone on permanent sale while fall items haven’t yet been delivered to stores.”




Explanation and Opposition

Have you ever heard of “resort” or “cruise” when it comes to fashion? Highsnobiety has explained what they, along with “pre-fall” and “pre-spring” are all about. Over the past years, the seasons of fashion has changed in a rapid face and have turned to something that we haven’t seen before. According to the magazine, all brands need to apply more seasons for their collections to go around since they cannot only rely on the traditional “a /w, s/s” system anymore.


However, this isn’t completely true. There will always be counterparts and if you draw from the fashion point of view one could easily say that there will always be fashion, but  if fashion exists, than an anti-fashion will rise and oppose it. In other words, even though many brands have adjusted to this “pre-collections system”, there are still those who refuse to do that. These brands may attract different consumers, hence, they target the market in different ways. Although, if a brand tend to oppose this new kind of system, it’s most likely that a person e.g. the designer or the founder of the brand doesn’t only care about profit and targeting the market in the right way, but also about identity and how their consumers perceive them and how they perceive the brand identity.


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