All of these dreams and/or goals can be reached quite easily though. It’s just a matter of determination and discipline.Dream Your Issues Away

It’s hard to change a habit, especially if it’s a bad one. It doesn’t matter if it regards something in your everyday routine such as exercising, having more time in the mornings or something regarding your future such as saving for a house or investing in a luxurious bag. All of these dreams and/or goals can be reached quite easily though. It’s just a matter of determination and discipline.


Dream Your Issues Away

In Sweden, they have an app called Dreams that lets you categorize every money-related dream or goal into different milestones. You set the purpose and budget for the dream, then you type in when you want to achieve it. The app helps you reach your goal that by telling you how much you’ll need to save each day in order to achieve your dream at the desired date. Not only does it tell you to save money, it does it in a fun way as well. It lets you ‘get a reward’ by saving money as long as you withstand from purchasing something you actually can live without in order for you to achieve the dream. It even has a few triggers such as “the bandit”, that ‘steals’ money from you each week and places it in the dream. With apps such as this one, saving becomes more fun and enjoyable. See if there is someone for your country or try to make someone to create one!


Time Management

One of the hardest things about creating a new habit or breaking out from a bad one, is managing the time you’ll have to distribute. A reason to why exercising can be difficult to incorporate as a routine can be the time you need to set off, in other words, manage your time so that the exercising becomes prior to anything else you could have done in that moment. But, did you know that time management doesn’t always need to be an issue? You don’t need to think that you should stop with upholding an unhealthy lifestyle and start training for a triathlon right away. You need to define small milestones that help you reach your ultimate goal. If you want to do a triathlon then you can start with riding your bike to to work and then you can add some exercise to that and then you can switch out your bike for a pair of joggers and so on and so forth.


It All Boils Down to the Rewards

It’s hard to change a habit if you’re not getting anything from doing so. Why should you stop eating candy everyday when you know that it tastes so good? Or why should you stop spending your money on impulsive buys when you know how fast you can hold them in your hands? Because the reward you’re giving yourself after achieving a goal or dreams – dream goal – is much greater than these smaller triggers. If you’re saving for a trip, think of all the fun you can have while being away. If you’re building a new exercise routine, think of how much your body will be able to endure.


Just Do It Today and Get Rewarded…Today

Even though you cannot get your most enjoyable rewards before you’ve achieved your goal, set different milestones and reward yourself after achieving each one of them. If you manage to save some money, call your friends and invite them to a homemade dinner. If you’re able to start exercising, let yourself rest afterwards with an episode of your favourite Netflix show. It doesn’t need to be harder than that. The effort you put in, is the effort you’ll get out for your dreams.




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