Summer is coming, you folks! Each March, I advance focused on the season beyond and begin conceptualizing warm-climate trips, even ones I realize we won’t generally take. (For instance, I looked into a pack of Berlin rental condos the previous evening, in the event that anybody needs any tips?) So, I’m interested, as you cut out summer plans, what sort of traveler would you say you are?

A shoreline goer, who packs a decent book and sunscreen and heads directly to the water.

A city pioneer, who meanders through historical centers, wants to human watch and goes out for cacio e pepe during the evening.

A street tripper, who makes a playlist and drives cross country, ceasing at taco stands and event congregations.

A nature darling, who unloads a tent and… I don’t have the foggiest idea what else in light of the fact that I never go outdoors.

Which sort of traveler would you say you are? What are your most loved spots to visit? Alex and I used to do for the most part city excursions (Berlin was our first trek away together, and I was apprehensive we would come up short on things to discuss) (we didn’t), however the previous summer, our family got truly into the shoreline and well that is all I’m imagining about.

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