beautiful day

Arbitrary inquiry, yet do you ever do confuses? Of late, I’ve gotten into destroying them the night, while visiting with Alex or viewing Downton Abbey. They’re unwinding toward the finish of a bustling day, and how extraordinarily delightful are these sustenance ones? At 8″ x 8″, they take under twenty minutes, and they’d make incredible little birthday or host presents, as well.

Following quite a while of Peppa Pig and Bubble Guppies, the young men have at last gotten into a demonstrate that we’re altogether grasped by. The Hunt is a nature narrative arrangement following creatures, as polar bears, tigers and chimpanzees, as they focus on their prey. There’s so much methodology.

Side note: toward the beginning of today, I strolled Anton to class (no tears today!!!), and as we moved toward his classroom, his face lit up. “Look,” he murmured, indicating his instructor. “SHE IS WEARING CHEETAH SHOES.” She had on basic panther print donkeys, yet at that time she should have been in an all out Halloween outfit. 🙂

A couple of years back, Alex gave me a bundle of idiosyncratic socks for Christmas, and I’ve turned out to be snared. It’s odd how such an easily overlooked detail can light up your day. Here are a couple cuties out this moment: face, dabs, crystal gazing and sheep.

What are you up to nowadays? Expectation you’re having a decent one. xoxo

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