Happy Fourth of July 2018!

What are you serving your guests today? Are you counting on some traditional ribs and hotdogs or are you perhaps adding something new to the table, like a watermelon pizza or tomato galettes?

Are you the hostess of the mostest or do you prefer to celebrate in harmony?

If you’re not celebrating with a feast at your own house, you can always go for a picnic at the park and watch the fireworks light up the sky when the evening comes or if you feel like being cultivated, why not visit a national monument and watch a local parade! Look up which one is parading closest to your neighbourhood.

Decorating will never be dull

How do you decorate for Independence Day? Do you make your own confetti pops or do you buy your balloons from the store? No way is is better than the other, only you can decide how you want to celebrate today! If you do buy balloons, a fun idea is to make an American flag out of them and put them on a wall for everybody to see. If you have kids or if you’re a big fan of candy, why not make a bouquet out of blue, red and white lollipops to add some extra sweet flavour to your party?

Now, light up some sparklers and let the celebrations begin!

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