The discourse regarding job positions that may or may not become irrelevant in the future have grown stronger the past years due to the digitizing in the industries. It’s easy to understand why. Some argue that certain positions are becoming irrelevant because when done by hand, the work is less effective, compared to when artificial intelligence and augmented reality techniques execute the same work as human force. Some are afraid that robots will be taking over their positions, whilst others argue that certain work need a human brain and a human touch. There will always be contradictions and diverse opinions regarding what will benefit the company and the consumer the most. Some prefer effectiveness, whilst others value a personal touch.

A field that have been widely discussed for this matter is journalism. People tend to read less magazines when digital phenomenons such as social media makes it easier to access the latest news without having to go to a store and buy them in the shape of a paper magazine. The lack of readers of physical magazines results in journalists having to freelance since magazines can’t afford to hire everyone.

Welcome to The Magazinos Community is the platform where the digitizing becomes an advantage for the consumer as well as the publisher and where journalists are encouraged to continue their work by hand, since they are not getting replaced by AI or other robotic technique. is gathering loads of different magazines, on the same platform. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fashion reader, a motor enthusiast or an unspoken cooking talent. Read the latest issue of your favorite magazine by the beach, on the bus, or when you’re miles away from the closest convenience store. The distance doesn’t matter, everything is handed to you on your choice of device. Reading and publishing has never been easier or more effective. And for those of you who are journalists, breathe out and feel relieved that no one is replacing you. Magazinos needs you, your publisher needs you and your readers need you.

This is Get ready for a new era where modernity meets tradition, without having to compromise on valuable assets.




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