Fashion For Good museum

At last! The world’s first museum for sustainable and interactive fashion has opened up its doors in Amsterdam.

The museum is called Fashion For Good and its main purpose is to get its visitors aka the fashion consumers to interact with the exhibition in order to understand the fashion industry and get insights on how they can contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. It also aims to teach their guests about the latest innovations within sustainable fashion.

Fashion For Good is designed by the US-based studio Local Projects

Jake Barton, founder of Local Projects, believes that it’s essential that “consumers drive the conversation” to ensure that fashion and sustainability can exist side by side in future.

When they started on the project, they didn’t know what a huge role the fashion industry played for the climate change. After a whole lot of research they now know that the industry stands for 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year…

With Fashion For Good, Local Projects strive to create an impact on the world and get consumers to change their buying habits. By giving them insights of what a circular economy can look like with examples of materials, different buying systems and making the consumers understand what happens with everything that aren’t recycled, they believe they can make more and more people want to contribute to creating a sustainable lifestyle.

source: Dezeen

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