Should you drink your spinach or eat it as a side dish? Should you go out for a jog as soon as you’ve had dinner?

We are not all alike. We all need to live by different conditions and different values in order to live a healthy life. Each and everyone of us are built differently, are bodies work differently and so do our minds. Some guidelines work for some people, but they might not work for you.

Over the past years, the fitness ideal has been growing strong. It’s about eating healthy and working out in order to stay in shape. But, as many other things do if you take it to the extreme, this can actually lead to quite an unhealthy lifestyle.

Too Much Awareness Can Hurt You

Did you know that if you are being too aware or too conscious about what you eat and how often you work out, you can actually be having an eating disorder. Eating disorders are not only about being too skinny or too overweight, it can also be about trying to be as conscious as possible and still making wrong decisions for your body and mind.

Things for Parents to Think About

Did you know that children can get eating disorders, just from hearing their parents talk about their flaws and different diets they want to try? Remember to never discuss things that you want to improve with yourself in front of your children, if they’re not regarding how you want to improve your knowledge and strength. Let your children be, and when they start worrying about these kind of things, as they grow older, be a good role model and show them a good example.

How Do I Live a Healthy Life?

The healthiest guidelines to live by are actually very individual. You can definitely eat a green salad, but who’s to say that you can’t combine it with a dessert afterwards? And do you really need to work out as much as the celebs you read about in the newspaper?

It’s okay if you want to eat some chips after a bad break up, but it’s also okay if you want to get all your frustration out of your body by going to the gym. It’s really down to you, how you live a healthy life. Just remember to never take things too far and never walk the extra mile, if the shoe doesn’t fit.




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