Photography. What would our world be like without photography? People always talk about how important it is to be able to live in the present and never look back. How to turn away from the past and look into a bright future. However, when it comes to photography, this kind of thinking is very paradoxical. How sad would it be not to be able to capture moments, that will later turn into wonderful memories? People say that one picture speaks more than a thousand words. A photography doesn’t just consist of the main picture, but also of the memories and the feelings we connotate it with.

Have you ever thought about the fact that people often say that if they only were to bring one thing from their home, if their house was to catch fire, it would be their photo album. Even people who believe more in the present than in the past, usually chooses to keep the photo album in this scenario.

From Portraits and Rococo to Selfies and Post-modernity

What if there were no photos to show us what had happened in the past? We wouldn’t only repeat the same mistakes as our ancestors, but also, how would we really be able to prove that some things had actually occurred? Of course, we could do as people before us, and draw pictures and paint portraits. But how fantastic isn’t it to live in this era, and to be able to actually capture and save moments of reality?

Over the past years, selfies have grown to be a big and quite appreciated phenomenon all over the world. With smartphones having two cameras, people are able to photograph themselves without any help from others. Although the selfie phenomenon is quite popular on social media, the question is if it will last for a lifelong purpose? Probably are the selfies more of a tool that help people get confirmation in the present, but will they also be memories for a lifetime?

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