Alicia Vikander

The face of Louis Vuitton that took Hollywood by storm and got Jimmy Fallon to sing in Swedish. Alicia Vikander is really the girl next door turned fashion icon and star actress. Here’s a list of the top three movies with Alicia that you simply must watch!

Ex Machina

It doesn’t matter if you believe that Artificial Intelligence is going to take over the world or not, Ex Machina is a must see even if you don’t think robots can be compared to human beings. Aesthetically mindfucking and thrilling, recommended to watch together with someone else.

A Royal Affair

A Royal Affair

The historical drama, in which Vikander played together with Mads Mikkelsen and got acknowledged by the international movie industry. Recommended to watch with someone who loves intrigues but at the same time, understands the value of history and the dilemmas faced by the women of the time.

The Danish Girl

Vikander plays the understanding artist and wife, that encourages her husband’s gender transformation and trans-sexuality. It takes place in the 1920’s in Copenhagen. Recommended to watch with anyone who might need some different perspective on what love really is about.




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