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How often do you feel like trying to cook something you’ve seen one of the master chefs do on TV? Not quite often, frankly. Why? Because it is hard to relate to. It doesn’t seem like just cooking anymore, it’s more like watching artists get creative when making their signature artwork pieces. But how would you feel if you’ve seen a regular person try on one of these more advanced cooking challenges before you’ve dared to get your own hands dirty? And then see them fail completely? Then, would you might dare try to make one of these artworks for your guest? Let’s face it, it’s more likely now, when you can compete against somebody on the same level as you, namely the person on TV who’s failed before you.


Cooking with A Humoristic Touch

If you’re tired of watching elite chefs make you feel like a newbie in the kitchen, start watching Netflix’s Nailed It and immediately feel good about yourself again! The show is about people, just like you and I, that are trying to cook frankly the same dishes that are being cooked in other cooking shows and whatever the participants are trying to make, always ends up in chaos, which is why your own confidence in the kitchen will grow when watching this TV show. It’s about people who can manage being laughed at and being laughed with, at the same time.


So, do you want to watch people sweat on their cakes before the jury has to eat it or serve their creations raw when they actually need to be well-cooked? Then Nailed It is the show for you!


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