Pink Pineapples

Did you know that pink pineapples really exist? Harpers Bazaar explains that it’s lesser known than purple potatoes or cotton candy grapes, but they do exist and we are totally crushing on them right now.


Hey, What Did You Expect?

Pink Pineapples have their own patent, under their distributor Del Monte. Because, as much as we want to believe that pink pineapples are this beautiful by nature, they are actually genetically modified. The pink pineapples are being colored with lycopene, the same substance that gives tomatoes their  “ruby hue”. Del Monte has added an extra label to this sensational fruit, claiming this substance makes the pineapple sweeter. Hence, they say that these pineapples have extra sweet flesh.


Pink Pineapples have been given the Food and Drug approval 2017, although the production has been ongoing since 2005 in Costa Rica, where they’re still being produced.


Feeling for a pink piña colada? That’s what we will be sipping on all summer long…

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