Have you heard of the expression “you are what you eat”? Well, this phrase can also be applicable for drivers, because “you are what you drive”. At least according to some people.

Did you know…

that, according to Yougov, BMW drivers are the most ruthless ones? Especially in Sweden. People driving Audi and Volvo are also at the bottom of the list. How come?

It’s not really about the cars

The studies have proven that it’s all about the prejudices we’ve got about the persons driving the cars. People associate some brands with some people, just like we associate som clothing brands with some people. We can’t help but categorizing one another, it makes it easier for our minds to keep track on everything that’s going on around us. Although, the categories we place people in can sometimes, quite often actually, turn out to be wrong, and a prejudgemental person is being proven the opposite and needs to change his/her mind about somebody.

Don’t fall into the stereotype

With that being said, watch out for evil gazes BMW drivers and smile to everybody around you. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the one changing someone else’s mind about all BMW drivers being ruthless in traffic. Because maybe you really are what you drive, but who’s to say what that is?



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