People often talk about timeless design, mostly referring to fashion, interior, art or architecture. But what is really the concept of timelessness? Why are some things seen as timeless while others aren’t?

Little Black Dress and Classics in the Wardrobe

Who decides what’s timeless and what’s not? When talking about fashion, timeless clothing items are probably those who never goes out of style. But who’s to say what that is? Well, think about it from a trend perspective. There are loads of trends circulating in the fashion world, they are dripping down from the higher classes to the lower, they are bubbling up from the street to the high fashion runways and they are crossing borders in all directions. Some trends are just merely fads that can be really fun to adapt at the moment, but as time flies you’ll get tired of them and find them hard to combine with anything else in your wardrobe. Now, think about an item in your wardrobe that you’ll never grow tired of. That piece can be seen as timeless. It can be your little black dress, your white cotton shirt, your favorite blue jeans or whatever you feel is easy to combine with different outfits and works at different occasions.


In Your Home, It’s Down to You

Let’s think about the interior part of timeless design. You can actually apply the same theories that matches the fashion point of view and just switch the imaginable “wardrobe” into your home. The pieces that you’ll never grow tired of and the ones you feel really belong there can definitely be seen as timeless in this aspect.

Rembrandt, Da Vinci and the Ghosts of Economic Value

When applying the idea of timeless design on art, it might be a little bit different. Of course, even in this field, personal taste and individual connotations play a big part, but you’ll also need to consider who the artist behind the piece was, how valuable the piece is, not only to you, but on the market as well.

Gaudi, Le Corbusier and the Collective Opinion

What about timeless architecture? This field might not be open to individual interpretation as much as the others. This is clearly a matter of who the architect was, what specific design techniques have been used and what part the construction has played for the society as a whole.

Concluding Guideline to the Matters of Timeless Design

However, you’ll need to remember that even though fields such as fashion, interior design and art are more open to individual interpretation, the role of the artist still decides the market value of each and every item, and if a particular item is seen as timeless by a majority, then you can regard it as such as well. This is a matter of fame, of impact and of aesthetics. If a certain design has continued to live on long after its creator’s gone, then you can probably regard it as timeless design, even though you might grow tired of it while folded in your wardrobe, posing in the book shelf or hanging on your wall.




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