Sun is shining

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet now, makes you wanna move your dancing feet now….

This would certainly be the case if this was a normal summer we were talking about. However, this summer is something out of the ordinary and sometimes we don’t know if we’re to laugh or cry about it. Sure, many of us have been longing for the season when we once again can run barefoot through the sand and drink cocktails all day long. However, the heat is beginning to get unbearable.


Are You Keeping Yourself Up to Date?

Did you know that this weekend many of the southern European countries will have over 50 degrees (Celsius) outside? Let’s just hope that they can manage.To all of you who don’t get affected by the heat, enjoy your time but don’t forget to think of those less fortunate than you, and if you can lend a hand, be sure you do that!


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