Ice cream

No Alcohol Needed

Did you know that one of the most common dating activities in Rome is getting ice cream together? It’s actually more common to eat ice cream with your potential partner than meeting them over a drink or two. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hot outside or if it’s a chilly evening during spring, ice cream conquers all. And love too, of course.


Where to Go

There are some blocks that are more famous for their delicious ice cream, or actually it’s called gelato in Italian. And these blocks have expanded a lot over the past years. It’s almost impossible to find a place to buy gelato without having to stand in a long line that curls outside the store.


The core of the gelato bars lies in the heart of the Pantheon Plaza that’s famous for its beautiful temple that derives from the Antique era. Try a cone at Fiocco di Neve and notice how hard it is to go back to your own country’s local ice cream when having tried gelato. If the price and size don’t matter to you, you should even try out San Crispino on Piazza della Maddalena, for a unique taste experience. If you want to sit inside by marble tables on a rainy day, Fassi and Palazzo del Freddo is just the place for you…And if you’re a big chocolate fan, you must pay a visit to Venchi on Via Della Croce!


There is No Place Like Rome

Even in other places in the world, Italian gelato has become a big hit and the industry is now huge. But for a real taste of the Italian dream, you must go to Rome!


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