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Did you know that women were not the first to wear high heels? Men were seen as great fashion icons before, when they dared to adorn themselves and show their status through the way they dressed. Although, it has certainly not always been about status. Even though people didn’t talk about personal style it was still a factor that played a huge role in the way people dressed, that’s for sure.


A Little Background Story

Men wore high heels before women ever did. Not only did the aristocrats during the 17th century wear heels, they were also red, to show people their grade in society. Before, men’s fashion used to change in the same pace as women’s fashion did. Trends were trickling down from the rich to the poor, and from the medieval era uptil the industrial revolution, men were as conscious about the way they dressed as today’s women are. Men were choosing the best fabrics, the most exclusive jewellery, the most well-brushed wigs and the finest makeup.


What Happened?

Then came the male renunciation. Men took a step back from their fashion mania, when they discovered how passionated women were about it. These were the times when the men still provided for their families and they showed off their wives as trophies to the rest of the society with clothes that told everybody how rich they were.


Visual Appearance is Not All about Status and Power

The women didn’t think about their clothes just as status symbols, it was also a way of showing off their personal style. When their men were working, women were parading all over the town and usually, they were changing their outfits three times a day. Hence, the male renunciation came as an uprising against the feminine ideals and the effeminate associations with it, because even though men were dragged to trends and the newest fashion, women’s fashion were always more radical. One example of this is that the architecture changed along with the fashion trends around the 17th centuries, when dresses were made so big, they wouldn’t fit through normal doors.


Experimenitng with Different Styles or Sticking to One

Since fashion’s birth in the Western world (around 14th century) women’s fashion has tended to overpower the men’s fashion. However, since the male renunciation came into existence during the 19th century, men’s fashion has been more stabilized while women’s have continued to change more dramatically. Although, we don’t need to rebuild our houses in order for our dresses to fit in the rooms… once again.


Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New

Trends come and trends go, who knows when the panier fashion with the wide dresses that existed during Marie Antoinettes regime will come into play once more? And we don’t know when men’s fashion will go back to its glory days, but one thing is certain, the winds of change are blowing the younger generations away and today, it’s more common that the society is accepting of men’s vanity. Let’s just hope men dare to go out of their comfort zones…


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